Women in Business: Tianjin & Bianca Lawless


NAME: Tianjin and Bianca Lawless


Mother Nurtured

Women's health treatments (pre and post natal, fertility, menstrual issues, digestion, menopause) through Mizan therapy (abdominal/womb massage, womb steaming, castor oil packs), Placenta Remedies, Nutrition, Yoga (including pregnancy/postnatal)

WHERE ARE YOU BASED: Northern Beaches/ Freshwater


We sometimes wonder the same thing… It’s funny how our life experiences lead us to do things we never would have imagined! But we are incredibly humbled to be doing something we believe is desperately needed and is helping to nurture and support women.


To begin with, we are sisters and Mumma’s to our gorgeous, cheeky little loves, and are both extremely passionate about supporting women throughout their health journey. We have both worked in the field of Women’s health in our own way; Bianca in Nutrition (in Australia and America) and Tianjin in Yoga & Ayurveda (in Australia and Europe). However when we reunited back in Australia at the start of 2018 and both completed our Mizan training (abdominal/womb massage, womb steaming & castor oil packs), as well as our Placenta Remedies Training, these really were the missing pieces to bring it all together. We feel like we have found our calling.


The birthing of “Mother Nurtured” really came about from feeling that there was a missing piece in postnatal care for women here in Australia. Or at least in our experience. Tianjin’s birthing and postnatal experiences in Amsterdam were beautiful and nurturing, so we sought out the exact trainings from the ladies who supported her. The trainings opened our eyes to the many more benefits of the treatments, not just for birth and postnatal recovery, but for all stages of a woman’s life.


We have put together treatment packages that help with digestive health, menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, the postnatal stage, menopause, and the list goes on. We aim to support and empower women to take control of their bodies and realise that they can bring so much healing and nourishment with daily routines, monthly cleansing routines and “less intrusive” treatments especially for fertility. We can also treat our clients as support on their IVF journey, and more nurturing rituals and healing for recovering from birth and the postnatal stage.


The whole process of becoming a woman; the life stages and cycles are no longer honoured, acknowledged or celebrated enough. Hopefully we can encourage women to connect more to these incredibly important parts of being a woman and feel more in control of their health.


The women we work with (our clients) inspire us. So many women have been on such challenging journeys and being able to be part of their healing is so humbling. We also tend to have massive girl crushes on strong influential Women. The world renowned Midwife Ina-May Gaskin being at the top of the list. If you are pregnant “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth”, is a must read. It will empower, inspire, and believe it or not get you super excited for your birth. Ina May is amazing and she continues to do wonderful things for the world of midwifery and breaking down the fears of childbirth.

Bianca also wanted to give special mention to Ronda Rousey :)



This has definitely changed since becoming Mum’s as what we sometimes plan won't often happen so it is now more about working out ways to fit in self care and space so that we can fill up our tanks and feel a bit more “ourselves"!! Even the smallest little bit of time to ourselves now makes the world of difference.


We always prioritise daily movement and a daily routine be it big or small, some yoga asana and pranayama in the morning or legs up the wall at night. Whatever you can fit in that day.  Yoga, meditation, walking, getting out in nature and jumping in the ocean as much as possible. When we are both feeling tired or drained we take turns jumping in the sea completely free without a child hanging off us, and feel that instant shift from exhausted to refreshed.


We spend a lot of time with our children which we love… but on our Mother Nurtured work days we ALWAYS make sure the day includes a little visit to one of our fav cafes (usually Berkelo, Ora or Ruby Lane), to enjoy a tea and a feed in peace!

We are really happy to be in our beautiful new space in freshwater.
In November, both of us are diving into more Mizan massage training specific to pregnancy so we are looking forward to being able to extend our  massage treatments to pregnant women soon. 
Tianjin is running Pregnancy Yoga, Preparing for birth & Preparing for the Postnatal stage Workshops over the first weekend of November. These will be the last ones for 2019. 
Saturday 2nd November @ 12:30-3:30pm & Sunday 3rd Nov @ 11am-1:30pm 
More info here on the Modern Movement website:


www.mothernurtured.com.au     (Coming soon!)

EMAIL: btmothernurtured@gmail.com

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