Warning: This interview will make you want to run away to the desert! We caught up with Geneva and her beautiful family to find out whether living in Joshua Tree is truly as magical as it seems…
Tell us a bit about yourself and your tribe, who you are, what you do and where you live?
Hi, I’m Geneva. I live in the unincorporated Mojave Desert community of Joshua Tree, in Southern California, USA with my husband Andy and our almost 2-year old daughter Prairie. We try to live our days with intention, slowly & consciously.
For someone who has never been to the Joshua Tree National Park before, in a few words, tell us what is so special about it and why they should visit?

What I love most about Joshua Tree is hard to put into words, it’s that desert magic. It's so quiet and still and peaceful here, the stars out here are amazing. I can nurse my baby and watch the quails and roadrunners in the yard from my window. We walk out of the front door and there's countless amazing places to hike. There's even a herd of bighorn sheep that live in the neighborhood.

As a visitor to the area, I recommend focusing your time on exploring Joshua Tree National Park. It's the convergence of the Mojave and Colorado deserts and it is 100% magic. There are two entrances to the park on the side, one in 29 Palms, and one in Joshua Tree. Pick one entrance, and drive the route that connects to the other entrance. Stop along the way anywhere that catches your fancy to boulder or hike, you literally can't go wrong. If you have time, divert from your route a bit and visit the Cholla Cactus Garden. It's the coolest and cutest place I promise! Don't forget to bring lots of water with you!


Have you always lived there? Are there any highlights in the Joshua Tree Calendar?

We moved here from San Diego shortly after Prairie’s birth.  But I'm originally from Georgia, and my husband is from Kansas/Oklahoma. Andy and I both really treasure the small town experience, and do not consider ourselves big city people by any means. However, we don't really dig the typical small town USA conservative atmosphere. That's a big part of what appealed to us about Joshua Tree. We've been visiting the area for years, and even got married here. What has always stood out to me, aside from the physical beauty (duh, National Park!), was the vibe. J Tree has a long history of attracting dreamers, and there's a huge music, art, and environmental scene here that we really dig. Andy is a musician, so he loves walking in the footsteps of some the greats, like Gram Parsons, who legendarily died at the Joshua Tree Inn (you can stay in the room he died in if you want, or if that's too morbid, try the Donovan Suite). 


Where are your favourite hangouts and things to do (with and without Prairie)?

Most of the time, we just like to get out and go for a hike. We love to pack a little picnic and go watch the sun set, we call it “desert happy hour.” But if we are feeling the itch to get out and about on the town as a family we usually go eat at Pappy and Harriett's Pioneertown Palace; which is a restaurant and world famous concert venue (Wanda Jackson is playing there on Saturday!) located in an Old Western movie set which you can explore. 

On a date day without Prairie, you can find us having brunch at our favorite spot,  La Copine and then heading to the Integratron (which is this cedar dome structure built in the 50s by a UFOlogist ) to relax and listen to singing crystal bowls for a sound bath. 


Describe your style. What do you look for in the clothing you buy, for both yourself and Prairie?

For both Prairie and myself, I primarily choose items that are functional for our lifestyle, which is messy and active. I reach for my vintage levis and battered sneakers most days and even when I dress up, it’s still usually casual attire. I tend to fluctuate a bit between bohemian prints, and minimal silhouettes with neutral tones and lovely textures. I will pretty much always choose quality over quantity, ethically made and natural fibers are my jam. 

A beautiful family wandering through the desert in Pilgrim…we feel like we're looking through a pair of tinted 70’s sunnies, this is what desert dreams are made of!



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