Natural Plant Dyes

All Pilgrim garments are made from natural fabric and lovingly organically dyed. Unlike commercial dyes, natural plant dyes do not cause harm to the environment, however they are not as strong as synthetic dyes and are more vulnerable to colour fading. Your garment WILL FADE. This should not be considered a manufacturing fault but rather a natural feature.

Natural dyes do not like:

 - modern detergents; so please use non-bleaching detergents, i.e. a mild neutral soap 

- vigorous washing; we advise to wash as little as possible and very lightly hand wash separately (as colour can run) in cool water or use a Green dry cleaner

- sunlight; turn inside out to dry and don’t let them sit in the sun too long. We do not recommend using a dryer, which are harsh on all fabrics

Linen fabrics are fabulous as they don’t require ironing to achieve that wrinkled casual nonchalant elegance. For a less wrinkled look and to eliminate the harshness of the iron, smooth out wrinkles before hanging to dry.



Our knitwear is lovingly hand-made from natural fibres. If well cared for these beautiful pieces should last in your wardrobe a long time.  

Here's our tips on how to best care for your knits: 

- We recommend Infrequent washing

- When you need to wash, please apply a cold, gentle hand wash only

- Use a specialised wool wash or mild neutral soap.

- DO NOT BLEACH or use detergents with bleaching agents

- DO NOT TUMBLE DRY Spin out excess water and dry flat in the shade

- Your piece is dry cleanable. We advise a gentle dry clean, preferably at a Green Dry Cleaners


Remember, contact with rough surfaces and sharp objects may result in pulls and damage.

Pure wool will naturally pill and shed, this is not a fault and can gently be removed.