A Continuous Journey

As you may have noticed a few changes have been happening here at Feather Drum for some time now:

From the launch of our one off Pilgrim collection last year, which was made from sustainable and vegetable dyed linen, to a change in aesthetic and mood and the addition of Feather Drum Woman. Feather Drum as you know it is changing and evolving “growing up” from our manufacturing through to our re-branding, new logo and website.

These changes are a direct result of our main core values to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, whilst still producing timeless and beautiful clothes that will grow with your kids and for yourself too.

The road behind us has been an inspiring and challenging one, we are under no illusion that this will be an ongoing journey and evolution for Feather Drum and ourselves. We accept the challenge and will work step by step to achieve what is at the core of the Feather Drum Brand.

We herewith invite you and your kids to join us in our adventures and become a part of the Feather Drum Journey.

With Love,

Feather / Drum x


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