Bluebird Co + Feather Drum

We’ve teamed up with Bluebird Co. to create something a bit special for you and your little ones this Christmas. Dance to the beat of your own drum while wearing these contemporary tribal inspired pieces.

Bluebird Co. hand-make these unisex statement treasures using durable waxed cotton and Hill Tribe silver beads. They feature a beautiful pendant that draws upon the tribal custom of fine lines but with a smooth, modern finish. These jewels are a special collection of petite jewellery for little people that can be kept long after they are worn as a special reminder of the adventurous little hands and feet that wore them. Available to order as a necklace, bracelet or anklet, the Tribal Beat design evokes a bohemian feel and is guaranteed to become a new staple piece for all accessory lovers, both young and old.

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Photography Shaanti Senaratne

Clothing Feather Drum

Jewellery Bluebird Co.

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