AW17 Folklore

Inspired by the beauty & darkness, magic and mysticism of 19th Century folk tales, this season Feather Drum transports you to a Winter wonderland where you can rub shoulders with Rapunzel, Snow White, Hansel & Gretel and The Frog Prince.

A stunning colour palette of soft greys, heather, ice blues and accents of white star amongst an array of newly designed custom prints whilst the drama of Maleficent is injected through touches of black, contrasting between the stylishly good and the stylishly wicked, but together tell the best story in the land.
Welcome to Folklore
Photography and Styling: Maya Vidulich & Renata Ferko @the_descendants__
Models: Maycee, Mali, Pixie, Addison & Arabella
Knitwear: Pilgrim By Feather Drum
Shoes: Young Soles @youngsoleslondon

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