Lost Oasis - behind the scenes

There’s not too many people who wouldn’t have heard of the iconic Palm Beach, in Sydney, Australia…whether you know it as Summer Bay (on tv show ‘Home and Away), or just plain old ‘Palmy’. So when it came time to shoot our very first Summer collection there was no second thought as to the location we would use.
Given the extremely small window in which to shoot this range we somehow managed to avoid the severe electrical storms and down pours, which plagued Sydney at the start of Summer.
Thanks to an amazing crew on the day, including Kenyon Batterson who took these great ‘bts’ pics for us! Having only got into photography a year ago, with a preference for shooting in black and white, landscapes and portraits,  this kid is just 15 years old ...with a very bright future in photography ahead of him me thinks!


Photographer:  Mr Peter Crumpton (www.allthingsvisual.com.au )

Stylist: Captain and the Gypsy Kid (www.captainandthegypsykid.com)

Florist: The Flower Drum By Holly Hipwell (www.theflowerdrum.com.au; @theflowerdrum)

Assistant Photographer: Kenyon Batterson (@kenyon_batterson)

Models: Pania + Max 

Location: Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

December 19, 2014 by Kelly Lee
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